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Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Definitions
1. “Exhibition” means Korea International Boat Show 2021.
2. “Organizer” means KINTEX, and KOTRA, WATERWAY PLUS and Marina & Marine Industries Association of Korea that manage the exhibition.
3. “Exhibitors” mean any companies, associations, organizations or individuals that have submitted the completed application form and paid the required payment.

Article 2. Application for Participation and Contract
Exhibitors shall submit the completed application to the Organizer and pay a 50% deposit of the total cost for the booth space requested according to the Article 5. The application shall be considered to have been accepted upon receipt of the deposit. Organizer reserves the right to reject the application if all exhibition space is fully reserved at the time of the application or items to be exhibited are not considered to be suitable for the exhibition.

Article 3. Assignment of Exhibition Space
1. Organizer shall assign the exhibition space in accordance with the order of applications accepted, the nature of exhibits, the area of exhibition space requested, and other reasonable criteria. Exhibitor agrees not to make any unreasonable objection to the assignment of exhibition space by the Organizer.
2. Organizer shall have the right to change the location and/or area of the assigned exhibition space for the purpose of constructing the exhibition space more efficiently. In this case, Exhibitors shall cooperate with the Organizer. In the case of any unforeseeable reasons such as force majeure requiring changes Exhibitors shall fully cooperate with Organizer.
3. Exhibitors are not allowed to sublet or exchange assigned space, either wholly or in part, to other exhibitors, without the prior written permission of Organizer.

Article 4. Management of Exhibition Space
1. Exhibitor shall only display exhibits listed in the application form and shall staff exhibits at all times during the official opening hours.
2. If Exhibitor displays different exhibits not listed in the application form OR exhibits which may detract from the character and quality of the exhibition OR in any way behaves in a manner deemed by Organizer to be to the detriment of the event or against the best interests of Organizer or other exhibitors or the public it shall have the absolute right at its entire discretion to take whatever action it deems suitable that may include instructing the Exhibitor to stop or leave the exhibition or remove the exhibits in question from exhibition immediately. In this case any payments made by Exhibitor to Organizer will not be refunded and Exhibitor shall not be entitled to any compensation and agrees to fully comply with all requests made by Organizer without any delay.
3. Organizer may prohibit any specific person from entering the exhibition halls as it shall deem at its entire discretion.
4. Exhibitor shall not change the original condition of any part of the exhibition area including the fabric of the buildings or any fixtures, fittings or furniture. Exhibitor shall compensate Organizer for any and all such damage. (such as, damage caused by painting, nailing or fixing on the floor, ceilings, columns or walls, any other means requiring remedy or any change or damage to hired equipment)

Article 5. Payment
1. The exhibitor shall pay a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the space requested within 7 days after submitting the application form and the full payment of the balance must be paid by March 3, 2021.
2. If Exhibitor fails to make any payment in full on or before the specified date Organizer has full authority to cancel the contracted application and any amount paid shall not be refunded.

Article 6. Cancellation Policy
1. Should Exhibitor refuse to use part or all of the reserved space, or fail to make any payment on or before the specified date OR if Exhibitor abandons participation without the written agreement of Organizer, Organizer has full authority to cancel the contracted application, and all amounts paid shall not be refunded.
2. If Exhibitor wishes to cancel the contract for space Exhibitor shall request cancellation in writing to be received by Organizer not less than 60 days prior to the opening day of the exhibition. In this case the paid deposit will not be refunded and any further payments for any balance will not be required to be made.
3. Cancellation or abandonment by Exhibitor made less than 45 days before the opening day of the exhibition will render Exhibitor liable for immediate payment of the full amount (deposit and balance – 100%) to Organizer.

Article 7. Cancellation or Change of the Exhibition
If Organizer cancels the exhibition for reasons other than force majeure Organizer shall refund the total amount of all amounts paid. Should Organizer change or cancel the exhibition for reason of force majeure beyond the control of the Organizer, Exhibitor shall not ask Organizer to compensate for any loss concerning the application including any incremental costs or losses or loss of profits.

Article 8. Device and Display of Exhibits
Exhibitor shall complete the display and carry in equipment and exhibits to the designated exhibition area within the specified time period.

Article 9. Removal of Exhibits and Devices
Removal of exhibits and equipment shall be completed prior to the date specified by Organizer, and Exhibitor shall compensate Organizer for all costs and losses caused by any delay or any damage made by Exhibitor.

Article 10. Security of Exhibition Hall, Liability of Risk and Insurance
1. Organizer shall take all reasonable safety measure for exhibitors and visitors.
2. Exhibitor shall accept full and entire responsibility for damage, loss or theft of all equipment, property and the exhibits of Exhibitor during the entire period of the exhibition including set up, installation, dismantling and removal.
3. Should Exhibitor cause a fire, breakage or any other accidents that lead to loss or damage to the property of Organizer or others Exhibitor shall take full responsibility for all compensation and shall obtain full and appropriate insurance to cover all such events.

Article 11. Display Restriction and Fire Safety
1. Exhibitors display shall not exceed the height specified by Organizer according to the size of the display and the location.
2. Only fireproof materials shall be used for the display materials made by Exhibitor in full compliance with regulations for fire safety. Organizer reserves the right to ask for any proper corrective action and for such action to be taken without any delay.

Article 12. Compliance with Exhibit Manual, Supplementary Regulations and Rules
1. Organizer shall provide Exhibitor with an Exhibitors Manual designed for the exhibition.
2. Organizer shall, as and when required, establish any supplementary regulations and Exhibitor shall comply with any such supplementary regulations, as well as with these Terms and Regulations.

Article 13. Provisional Interpretation and Arbitration
1. Any discrepancy or difference arising between Exhibitor and Organizer in connection with the Terms and Regulations shall be interpreted and governed by the decision of the Organizer.
2. Any dispute or conflict arising from the exhibition between Organizer and Exhibitor shall be settled by arbitration of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Privacy Policy

■ The purpose of collection of personal information 
Collecting personal information is for following purposes:
  - the introduction of Korea Boat Show
  - membership services such as complaint handling
  - delivery of advertisement and events schedule

■ Information to be collected 
For registration, consultation, service applications, the following information is collected:
- Name, company name, company website, company address, fax number, phone number, e-mail, access logs, cookies, IP information,

■ Duration of retention of personal data
- Personal data will not be kept longer than is necessary for the fulfilment of the purpose for which it is collected.

■ User’s rights and obligations
- You have the right to deny collection of your personal information. But please be reminded you cannot access to registration without provision of required personal information.

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