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  • Yacht&Boat World

    Powerboat, Yacht, Rubber / Combi / FRP / Aluminum / Carbon / Composite Boat etc.

  • Paddler’s World

    Canoe, Kayak, Rowing, Rowboat, SUP, Dinghy Yacht, Unpowered Boat etc.

  • Work Boat World

    Government boats, Fire boats, Rescue ship / life boat, Patrol Boats, Administrative ship, High speed boat, Other special ships and related equipment etc.

  • Watersports show

    Water motorcycle, Water-skiing, Wakeboard, Wakesurfing equipment, Related equipment and clothing etc.

  • Korea Dive Expo

    Diving equipment and clothing, Equipment, Accessories, Education program, Skin Scuba Equipment, Snorkeling etc.

  • Outdoor·Caravan Showd

    Outdoor supplies, Caravan, Caravan - Camper van, Trailer, Traction device etc.

  • KIBS afloat

    Demonstration of various marine leisure products such as boats and yachts, Experience, Demo run, Test run etc.

  • Marine Equipment, Safety & Marina Industry Show

    Inboard/ outboard/ sterndrive engines, Trolling motor, Propeller, Marine speaker, Cables & controls, Anchoring & Mooring, Fishfinder, Marine monitor, Trailers, GPS, Trailers, Radar, Communication devices, Painting / polishing, Boat materials, Fixed / floating pontoon, Pontoon / landing stage, Water front development / operation, Boat storage / lease / maintenance, Life jacket, Tube, Emergency kit, Disaster control equipment, Electronic / Mechanical tools and accessories etc.

  • Eco Friendly Marine
  • Marine Tourism