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: Admin : 2015-06-05

‘2015 Gyeonggi International Boat Show’, Mega Hit in Audience Attraction and Performance!

The 8th ‘Gyeonggi International Boat Show 2015’ held in the largest scale ever, ended in great success May 31, being packed with the crowd till the last day of the event.
The statistics gathered after the Gyeonggi International Boat Show starting May 28 at KINTEC at Goyang and the Ara Marina at Gimpo showed that the event attracted 35,520 visitors and USD 169 million (KRW 185.9 billion) in contract signing from consultations, indicating a great success both in audience attraction and performance.
◆ Reflecting the Public Interest in the ‘Era of USD 30,000 National Income“
In 2015, national income is expected to reach USD 30,000 and the extensive size of audience to the event of ocean leisures, dubbed as the industry of the era of ‘USD 30,000 national income’ again proved that the public interest in the industry was growing.
Especially this year’s event was much more extensive with the marine exhibition at Ara Marina at Gimpo as a user-oriented event to focus on maritime safety education and with the increased number of items on display including camping and caravan, the event drive a new trend of camping at sea to make ocean leisure industry even more popular.
Also the exhibition of ‘Maritime Safety Theme Hall’ attracting much attention last year introduced detailed safety measures in specific incident situation and contributed to strengthening safety awareness and ‘dissemination of maritime safety culture’ among the youth with middle and high schools in Goyang city participating in the ‘Maritime Safety Education.’
As diverse activities on the side track, the demonstration of Sashimi cutting, the most fun part of boat fishing at the sea attracted huge audience and Captain Kim Dong Jin who touched the hearts of many, traveling across the world alone without power, port anchor or external support, lectured on the sprit of adventure in yachting.
◆ Gyeonggi International Boat Show, getting the attention from both home and abroad proved itself with tangible outcome
With strong focus on attracting competent buyers and target marketing in domestic market, based on the know-how from the past 7 years, this year’s event witness 1.5 times growth in the number of consultation and 55% growth in contract signing from the consultation, to strengthen its presence as one of the top 3 boat shows in Asia.

Hyundai Yacht Co. signed an export contract of USD 3.5 million with Hope Yachting of Turkey and the eco-friendly sea water fuel cell (Cellion-10) of Ions Lan Co., selected as the product of the year found its way to expand export markets to Pakistan, South Africa, Japan and China.
Sales on the site and inquirers also significantly rose and according to ‘Boat Korea’ an official sponsor this year, the remarkable sales amount was surprising enough to beat the expectation, as all of the 40 boats displayed on the site were sold and orders for additional 20 boats were placed at the site.
AL SHAMSI from Dubai who has been participating in the Gyeonggi International Boat Show 3 years in a row said “I can see the quality of the boat show and quality of boat products of Korea grow together with the event and in particular this year, I am planning to make additional purchase as items are so diversified.”
On the other hans, as parts of its efforts to strengthen overseas networking, Gyeonggi-do signed its 7th MOU with Australia after U.S., U.K., Germany, Italia, South Africa and Singapore to enhance the grounds for the boat show to grow as an international event based on mutual cooperation.
For this year’s successful outcome, an official from the Secretariate of Gyeonggi International Boat Show said “Looking at the remarkable outcome, exceeding the original expectation, I once again realized how strong the public interest and expectation are in ocean leisure industry and as a leading exhibition on ocean leisure industry, we will do our best to contribute to facilitating the economy of the nation.”
The 9th Gyeonggi International Boat Show 2016 is scheduled for 4 days from June 9 to 12 next year at KINTEX at Goyang and Gimpo Ara Marina.

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